Peccan – Profesionales y Empresarios Cubanos en Canada/Cuban Professionals and Enterpreneurs in Canada


Peccan was created on 2008 in order to group all Cuban entrepreneurs who were living in Canada. Cubans are part of the Latin American communities in Toronto, with more than 14 000 thousand of them living in Canada. The presence and the social impact of Cuban profesionals and enterpreneurs in Toronto are not well known among other communities.

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Coordinator: Alfredo Lorenzo



Come out and join us at “Accents on Eglinton Bookstore” – 1790 Eglinton Avenue West – on Thursday, 19 May 2011, 7:00 pm-9:00pm.

  • Accents on Eglinton Bookstore invites Mr. Alfredo Lorenzo, Sales Representative working with Royal LePage and Coordinator of one of the Cuban associations in Canada PECCAN (Profesionales y Empresarios Cubanos en Canada/Cuban Profesionals and Enterpreneurs in Canada) to talk about this organization. Mr Lorenzo will be presenting his ideas about the origins, goals, structure, colaborators and programs of PECCAN.

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  • PECCAN, the Sociedad de Cubanos en Canadá… is robustly continuing its support of the community and its website…  worth keeping an eye on for the Cuban point of view of life in Canada.  For instance, this article on changes by the Academia Española and official changes to the Spanish Language.



Peccan Meeting 2009 / Actividad de Peccan 2009


Peccan Meeting 2010 / Actividad de Peccan 2010


Celebrando el 3er Encuentro de los Cubanos Residentes en Canada / Celebrating the 3rd Meeting of Cubans Residing in Canada